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The Fitzroy Bowling Club is located on the East End Reserve and its 2 greens are dissected by the Te Henui stream and the NPDC Te Henui walkway.

The Fitzroy Bowling Club celebrated it's centenary in 2003, however it's new premise at the East End Reserve is the result of 3 clubs (Waiwaka Women, East End, Fitzroy) merging as one in 1998. Over the past 10 years this merger has proved very successful with original membership peaking at over 
200, but now stands at around 160.  The club is a fully amalgamated men's and women's club under the Bowls NZ constitution.



In the past Fitzroy Bowling Club has not embarked in signage around its greens due to the fact it was bound by NPDC rules regarding advertising on Reserve land, however a recent relaxation of these rules by NPDC allows us to have signage within our lease boundaries provided the signs face inwards and not outwards on to the NPDC walkway. Because of this recent decision we are now able to offer to companies a very attractive signage proposal which we believe will give great value to advertisers by way of visual exposure, competitive pricing and limited spacing as to create maximum exposure ñ value for money.


The playing programme for members is very extensive and usually covers 5 or 6 days per week for club activity, plus, a series of other events such as 23 open tournament days and around 25 Bowls Taranaki days. The season commences mid-September and goes through to mid-May.




The average number of participants per day in club events is 50 times 5 or 6 days a week, however, open tournaments which attract bowlers from other clubs will see these numbers swell to around 100 per day per tournament times 25 days. Add to this the Bowls Taranaki events which include the TSB Mens Fours tournament which attracts 300 teams nationwide, plus, the TSB Women's Fours with around 75 teams per tournament. These numbers equate to the following: Club Events 50 x 5 days x 25 weeks = 6,250 Tournament Days 100 x 25 days = 2,500 Bowls Taranaki 100 x 15 days = 1,500 Mates In Bowls 100 x 6 nights = 600 TOTAL = 10,850



Traditionally sports clubs have relied heavily on both sponsorship and grants in assisting their annual operation on a financial basis. Most Bowling Clubs throughout the country run around 15 tournaments, men, and women, on an annual basis almost all are sponsored in some form or other by cash, contra or product. Many sponsors part with around $500 per tournament, which in most cases are a one-day event. Some attend prizegiving as a way of exposure, however, most do not and their exposure is for one day only.

Over the past 5 years, the Fitzroy Bowling Club has developed a sponsorship programme known as The Family of Five Sponsors whereby all five sponsors are recognised as a collective for all tournaments. We believe this gives greater value to our five sponsors than acknowledging them only on a tournament day ñ this scheme still operates within our club. Signage, on the other hand, is a product which remains in the confines of the club boundaries 365 days a year and based on price is extremely cost-effective. Whilst there will be arguments for and against sponsorship vs signage we believe this signage proposal will be of great value to a company should they chose signage as an option.


The figures above show two types of exposure from a marketing viewpoint; The 6,250 club playing days relate to the same 180 Fitzroy members, however, the continued exposure to the advertiser is likely to create brand awareness plus a loyalty awareness from the members to the advertiser. The 4,600 figure made up of Tournament days, Bowls Taranaki events and Mates in Bowls are people from other clubs within the Taranaki region plus the 2 nationwide events. Further to these figures is the fact that around half of these signs will be visual to people using the Te Henui walkway on a regular basis ñ it is not possible to guess these numbers accurately however it should be assumed it would easily exceeds 100 per day



After due consideration and consultation with several prospective advertisers, we have now agreed on a placement plan (enclosed) which we believe will reflect good exposure by size and price over both our clubs greens, being Green No.1 (clubhouse) and Green No. 2 (over the river).  There will be a maximum of 12 signs on green No 1 and 20 on Green No 2, as per plan enclosed, and will be sold on a first come first served basis.




All signs will be on corflute material and will be 2.4 metres long and 600mm deep. Signs will be at the cost of advertisers, who will, therefore, own the signs. Signage agreements will be for a one year term with the right of renewal for the following year/years.  Placement will be on ìa first come first served basisî as to where you wish your sign.  The Fitzroy Bowling Club will be responsible for the putting up and taking down of all signs. Any costs of backing timber for the signs will be paid by Fitzroy Bowling Club. The Fitzroy Bowling Club will ensure the signs are cleaned on a regular basis and endeavour to maintain them against wind or weather damage but will not be responsible for malicious damage incurred.

COST:  All signs will cost $275.00 + GST per annum (includes 2 social club memberships for 
sponsors). The annual cost will be via a GST invoice raised by Fitzroy Bowling Club (Inc)



The signage committee agrees to be aware of a conflict of interest towards advertisers when allocating signage on each individual green. To enable this to work fairly the Fitzroy Bowling Club agrees to have one sign per industry/product per green e.g. if we acquire two Funeral Directors as advertisers, there will be one per green, two car franchises, one per green etc. Fitzroy Bowling Club will prepare a basic Signage Agreement which will be signed by both parties.

Some of our Sponsors is shown below:

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