RESULTS 2019/2020


1st Round of the Pelorus Trust Men's

 Series Held on the 13th September 2020

Winning Teams:

  • Ron GADSBY (SK), Anton MORA (Pairs)

  • Steve GOSLING (SK), Jeff BLYDE, Les HODDER

  • John KURTA (SK), Kevin NEALE, Jim ROBERTS 

  • Denis TOON (SK), Brian MORRIS, Bill SHAW


Overall Winning Team:  Ron GADSBY (SK) with 17 points plus 19

The second semi-final of the Men's Triples Championship

Held 18th March 2020 

In a tight and dramatic game with the scores locked up at 15 all, Grant PEASE (SK) Tony McALEVEY and Paul SPIERS prevailed scoring a two on the extra end to defeat John KURTA (SK), Ron GADSBY and Evan JONES 17 - 15.

The final of the triples will be played at 9.30 am on Saturday (21st March) between Grant PEASE and Des BROPHY.

Meanwhile, the  final of the Men’s Fours Championship will be played in the afternoon at 1.30 pm between David BRUNTON and John KURTA

Club Men's Championship Pairs Played in Ideal Conditions

Held Sunday 8th March 2020 

Round 1:  

Ron GADSBY / Evan JONES 17 v Colin CHRISTIE / Neil McNEIL 16, 

Don WEST / Hamish SIMPSON  20 v Chris BARRETT / Tony  McALEVEY 9


Round 2:

Jason HAZARD / Ross SPRANGER 15 v Murray PERRETT / Ross DRUMMOND 13, 

Merv WHITTLE / Jim ROBERTS 21 v Ian ADAMS / Darcy WEIR 15

Grant PEASE / Simon ROWE 20 v Bill JOHNSTON / Trevor SIMPSON 13, 

Ron GADSBY 17 v Don WEST 10

Round 3:  

Grant PEASE 17 v Merv WHITTLE 16,

Ron GADSBY 20 v Jason HAZARD 13

Date of final  Grant PEASE vs Ron GADSBY to be advised 


Bayleys Real Estate Hugh Moss junior pairs bowls title at Stratford-Avon

on Monday 9th March.

The final of the event turned into a real nail-biter, with the ultimate honours going to Evan JONES (Fitzroy) and Steve SABINE (Inglewood).  They scored the necessary shot on the extra end to pip Mark HAWKEN (Tower) and Luca DOBSON (Hawera Park) 15-14 in the decider, which was played in light rain.  However, the score could have very easily been the other way around.  On the extra end, JONES, with two bowls to play, found himself four down on a long head.

Playing overdraw weight and a little narrow, he pushed into a short bowl of SABINE and rolled it approximately three metres in for shot. DOBSON had an attempted run shot to dislodge the counter but missed.  It was a frustrating end for HAWKEN and DOBSON.  They led 9-3 after seven of the 16 ends in the final before JONES and SABINE found their touch and began to draw close. JONES and SABINE, in fact, hit the lead 14-11 with two ends to play.  However, a brace and a single to HAWKEN and DOBSON tied the game up and forced it into overtime.

In the semifinals that were completed on Sunday, HAWKEN and DOBSON were 21-12 victors over Paritutu’s Tom and Amanda CREHAN, while JONES and SABINE defeated the 2019 champions, Brian PEARCE and Ian PARKER (Stratford-Avon), 17-9.

Finals Day of the Open Men's Singles & 1st/2nd Years Men's Final

Held Sunday 16 February 2020 

Again we saw the evergreen John KURTA take out the Open Singles 21 - 17 over Moe KELLY after a very contested game. Alan WHITE earlier won 21 - 17 over Denis TOON, The semi-finals saw John KURTA win 22 - 9 over Grant PEASE. and Moe KELLY winning 21- 19 over Alan WHITE.


The final of the 1st / 2nd year Men's final was a very good win for first-year bowler Simon ROWE over Mike GILBERT 21 - 11.

11th and final Round of the Pelorus Triples Series

Saturday Series Held on the 1st February 2020

Winning Teams:

  • David BRUNTON (SK), Jeff BLYDE, Bill SHAW

  • Alan WHITE (SK), Evan JONES, Kevin SEAVER

  • Nigel NEWTON (SK) Trevor SIMPSON, Simon ROWE

  • Neville GOLDSWORTHY (SK), Peter KAVANAGH, Brent AUSTEN    drew with


Overall Winning Team:  Nigel NEWTON (SK) with 12 points plus 1

Series Point Winners:



1ST: Noel PROBYN (127pts)

2ND:  Denis TOON (96pts)

3RD:  Neville GOLDSWORTHY (90pts)


1ST:  Derek MOLES (113pts + 44)

2ND:  Brian MORRIS (113pts + 39)

3RD:  Nigel NEWTON (90pts)


1ST:  Les HODDER (109pts)

2ND:   Brent AUSTEN (105pts)

3RD:  Simon ROWE (95pts)

10th Round of the Pelorus Trust Men's

Saturday Series Held on the 18th January 2020

Winning Teams:

  • David BRUNTON (SK), David FOULKES, Brent AUSTEN

  • Grant PEASE (SK), Brian MORRIS, Les HODDER

  • Neil MCNEIL (SK), Simon ROWE (Pairs)

  • Neville GOLDSWORTHY (SK), Nigel NEWTON, Neville NODDER

  • Noel PROBYN (SK), Tony WALSH, Anton MORA

Overall Winning Team:  Neil MCNEIL (SK) with 13 points plus 11

9th Round of the Pelorus Trust Men's

Saturday Series Held on 4th January 2020

Winning Teams:


  • Ron GADSBY (SK), Brian MORRIS, Bill SHAW  

  • Alan WHITE (SK), Tony WALSH, Ross DRUMMOND

  • Hamish SIMPSON (SK), Nigel NEWTON, Les HODDER

Overall Winning Team:  Ron GADSBY with 14 points plus 10

The Fitzroy Club's Xmas Hams tournament (Eunice Fleming Memorial) was played 10th December.
Sponsored by Kathy Roach (1st National Realty), TLC Meats, Bill Johnston and Grant Pease, 28 teams competed.


Green # 1
Winners: Steve MULLER (Oakura) 4 wins plus 46
Second: Dave JOHNSTON ( Urenui) 3 wins plus 3, 46 aggregate
Third: Jason HAZARD (Fitzroy) 3 wins plus 3, 33 aggregate

Green # 2
Winners: Neville SOLE (West End) 4 wins plus 12
Second: Tony McALEVEY (Oakura) 4 wins plus 7
Third: Peter BERGE (West End) 3.5 wins plus 16.


The Qualifying rounds of the Fitzroy Men's Championship triples

were played on 7th & 8th December.

A total of eight teams qualified. The post section draw is:

8th Round of the Pelorus Trust Men's

Saturday Series Held on 30th November 2019

Winning Teams:

  • Denis TOON (SK), Brent AUSTEN (PAIRS) 

  • Alan WHITE (SK), Brian MORRIS, Kevin SEAVER

  • Steve GOSLING (SK), Derek MOLES, Jason DRAPER

Overall Winning Team:  Steve GOSLING with 14 points plus 11

Final Results of the FBC/AON Women's Competition

Saturday 30th November 2019


  • Gaye Holub (SK), Patricia Hanson, Colleen McGilp

Runners Up:

  • Marlene Hayes (SK), Iris Clark,  Lorinda Mckay.

Highest Points In Series: 

  • Colleen McGilp

Runner Up: 

  • Miriam Koot

The Annual Taranaki Hospitality Association Bowl's Tournament

Wednesday on 27th November 2019


  • Max O'Leary from The Fitz - 4 wins plus 48


  • Noel Probyn from The Coronation - 3.5 wins plus 22


  • Tony Walsh from the Ngmotu Tavern - 3 wins plus 14

Friendliest Team : 

  • Emma from Crowded House


7th Round of the Pelorus Trust Men's

Saturday Series Held on 16th November 2019

Winning Teams:

  • Steve GOSLING (SK), Darcy WEIR, Derek MOLES, Les  HODDER (FOURS) 

  • John KURTA (SK), Trevor SIMPSON, Brent AUSTEN

  • Noel PROBYN (SK), Brian MORRIS, Mike GILBERT

  • Ron GADSBY (SK), Nigel NEWTON, Tony BIRD

Overall Winning Team:  Steve GOSLING with 14 points plus 10

6th Round of the Pelorus Trust Men's

Saturday Series Held on 9th November 2019

Winning Teams:


  • Hamish SIMPSON (SK), Kevin NEALE, Mike GILBERT, Bill SHAW

  • Denis TOON (SK), Nigel NEWTON, Tony WALSH, Brent AUSTEN


Overall Winning Team:  Hamish SIMPSON (SK) with 15 points plus 16



NZ Police 'Cops & Robbers'

1-Day Tournament Held on 4th November 2019

Winners (4 WINS PLUS 40):

  • Paul CLEGG, Bill STUART, Tony BEWICK


Second (3.5 WINS PLUS 43):

  • Neil MARTIN, Nigel NEWTON, Noel PROBYN 

Third (3.5 WINS PLUS 21):

  • Vaughan WATSON, Danny PARKER, Garry LILLEY


Fairest Team

  • Gavin BENTON, Diane JONES, Annette CORBETT

Friendliest Team

  • Heather PATIENT,  Dane TAYLOR, Ged JACOBS

5th Round of the Pelorus Trust Men's

Saturday Series Held on 2nd November 2019

Winning Teams:

  • David BRUNTON (SK), Brian MORRIS, Kevin SEAVER, Les  HODDER 

  • Denis TOON (SK), Trevor SIMPSON, Tony WALSH, Ron CLOUGH

  • Noel PROBYN (SK), Nigel NEWTON, Derek MOLES, Brent AUSTEN

  • Merv WHITTLE (SK), Steve GOSLING, Ray HURLEY (Triples)

Overall Winning Team:  Noel PROBYN (SK) with 15 points plus 24



4th Round of the Pelorus Trust Men's

Saturday Series Held on 12th October 2019

Winning Teams:

  • Moe KELLY (SK), Brian MORRIS, Dean FILE 

  • Colin CHRISTIE (SK), Tony WALSH, Simon ROWE

  • Noel PROBYN (SK), Steve RUBICK, Tony BIRD

  • Merv WHITTLE (SK), Nigel NEWTON, Derek MOLES

  • Evan JONES (SK), Peter KAVANAGH (Pairs)

Overall Winning Team:  Noel PROBYN (SK) with 16 points plus 24


3rd Round of the Pelorus Trust Men's

Saturday Series Held on 6 October 2019

Winning Teams:

  • Grant PEASE (SK), Trevor SIMPSON, Darcy WEIR, Mike GILBERT

  • Moe KELLY (SK), Evan JONES, Derek MOLES, Anton MORA




  • Noel PROBYN (SK), Graeme BLACKFORD, Ray HURLEY, Simon ROWE

  • Neville GOLDSWORTHY (SK), Brian MORRIS, Jeff BLYDE, Jason DRAPER

Overall Winning Team:  Moe KELLY (SK) with 13 points plus 6


2nd Round of the Pelorus Trust Men's

Saturday Series Held on 28 September 2019

Winning Teams:


  • Moe KELLY (SK), Peter TWISS, Jim ROBERTS, Simon ROWE

  • John KURTA (SK), Wayne MANNING, Mike GILBERT, Bill SHAW

  • Noel PROBYN (SK), Matt FLEMING, Derek MOLES, Anton MORA

Overall Winning Team:  John KURTA (SK) with 14 points plus 19

1st Round of the Pelorus Trust Men's

Saturday Series Held on 21 September 2019

Winning Teams:


  • Neville GOLDSWORTHY (SK), Peter TWISS, Trevor HILL, Peter KAVANAGH

  • Grant PEASE (SK), Hamish SIMPSON, Danny PARKER, Anton MORA


Overall Winning Team:  Neville GOLDSWORTHY (SK) with 15 points plus 22

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